This is the IIT Bombay Campus Website of the IIT Alumni Council. IIT Alumni Council is the nodal global body for alumni of all the Indian Institutes of Technology. The Council is organised by campus and city of residence of the alumni. The Central Secretariat is located in New Delhi with City Chapters in over hundred cities.

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The IIT Bombay Chapter is closely aligned with the core objective of promoting the participation of IIT Alumni in nation building activities. A key initiative of the IIT Alumni Council is the revitalisation of the technopreneurship ecosystem in India so that it becomes a prime driver of economic growth and employment.

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Council Members

The IIT Alumni Council leadership and volunteer teams are organised by campus, batch, city of residence and areas of interest for volunteering and nation building. IIT Bombay Alumni play a key role in the various global as well as social initiatives of the IIT Alumni Council including Chairmanship of several initiatives.

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About Us

IIT Bombay Alumni, like all IIT Alumni have the range and depth of experience, and importantly, credibility to effectively help address several major challenges facing India. They are manifestly relevant to meeting national goals such as (digital) empowerment, (social) inclusion and (entrepreneurship led) employment generation.The IIT Bombay Alumni Council provides the necessary linkages between the alumni, public policy makers and economic leaders to facilitate the participation of interested IITB alumni in nation building activities.